You have opened a bar, cafe, restaurant, club now you need trained wait staff, and for a good quality of service and be at a decent level, it needs you 100%. The wait staff – a person places for this we will liberate you from the headache competently approach to this issue to make your restaurant successful profitable, generating good revenue. Any format requires a deliberate decision which style (beer, a European-Russian restaurant, club, etc.) choice of cuisine menu. “We are mobile, so we can go to any city and conduct training master classes for your staff.

Recruitment, training, organization of work, the development of the menu bar, cocktail menu, knowledge of alcohol, the supply of drinks, cocktails. Work suggests long-term cooperation discussed individually (work on the discovery, year, etc.) Trainings, workshops from 2 days to a week. With the exponential performance (bartender shows) Chef “Kitchen”.

We remind you, we are professionals, and the region for us is not important. You to offer – from our decision and strategic development of a suitable concept. Can completely take over the entire job: cafe, restaurant, entertainment center (work experience section Our projects). We chef, sushi chef, pastry, pizza-maker (meet in the kitchen section).

Separately, training, training school for barista bartender. Site, section coffee breaks under coffee breaks. Education with departure Moscow regions. To pick up a coffee machine, coffee training, to cook coffee, coffee drinks, Latte Art. Develop menu bar (cocktails, coffee, alcohol) “Special Offer” – leaving to Italy for training.